SMS package USA & Canada: 1000 SMS messages

SMS package USA & Canada: 1000 SMS messages

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Remove the 14 SMS message quota from your bttns by purchasing this 1000 SMS message package. This package applies to your whole account, so all bttn devices under the account can use it.

To multiply the SMS message amount, simply increase the purchase amount in your shopping cart. E.g. 10 x 1000 = 10000.

The price is valid for SMS messages sent to US and Canadian mobile phone numbers. If you need to send SMS messages to other regions, please select a corresponding SMS package. If your region is not listed in the shop, please contact us at

SMS messages are sent using Because the SMS message delivery depends on a third party system and your terminating mobile network, message delivery cannot be guaranteed. We recommend using a combination of email and SMS actions if messages are critical.