Our IoT Button Models

You can compare the bttn models below. We are happy to help you choose the right IoT button for your business.

In general, 2G and Sigfox are best options for all-round business use as they work out of the box. Consider Wi-Fi for use within your own offices and as a backup if 2G or Sigfox network isn't available.

bttn is based on patented technology.
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bttn Mini

bttn Mini side view

bttn Classic

Side view bttn Classic

Dimensions Height: Flat cap 32 mm (1.26")  NEW  
Height: High cap 40 mm (1.57")

Diameter 69 mm (2.72")

Weight 90 g (0.20 lbs)
Height 73 mm (2.87")

Diameter 100 mm (3.94")

Weight 190 g (0.42 lbs)
Connectivity options
(Different variants)

Mobile data variant: 2G (GSM), SIM included
(Currently out of stock)

Wi-Fi variant: 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi *
(Currently out of stock)

Sigfox variant: European ETSI 868 MHz, subscription included **
(Currently out of stock)

    Mobile data variant: 2G (GSM), SIM included
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    Wi-Fi variant: 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
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    Sigfox variant: European ETSI 868 MHz, subscription included
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      Power Rechargeable Li-Po battery and
      Micro-USB charger (charger not included)
      4 x AA alkaline batteries and
      micro-USB charger (batteries / charger not included)
      Actions & business integrations

      HTTP(S) requests, REST API, Microsoft Flow, IFTTT, Zapier, Magento, PayPal, major taxi dispatching systems, email, SMS, social media, and more.

      Functionality Triple-action: Short press, long press and "not pressed"

      Intuitive feedback lights: Green (positive), red (negative) and yellow (wait)

      Your bttn actions are run by the bt.tn cloud server. Wi-Fi bttns can also send direct HTTP requests to your local network server.
      Business management tools (read more) my.bt.tn management website - no apps required

      Group management

      Remote monitoring and email alerts

      Usage statistics & Analytics

      Heartbeat (keepalive)

      Mini 2G: OUT OF STOCK  Request a quote

      * Mini Wi-Fi: Request a quote

      ** Mini Sigfox: Request a quote

      Classic 2G: in stock - Buy now

      Classic Wi-Fi: in stock - Buy now

      Classic Sigfox: in stock - Buy now