What is included in bttn-as-a-service


bttn-as-a-service is a unique all-in-one package that lets you roll out your bttnized service in no time. 1-100 bttns you can purchase here in our shop. For larger quantities, please request a quote.

To make things simple, the first 6 or 12 months of service is always included in shop prices. After that you can renew at just a few euros per month. See subscription renewal packages here.


IoT Buttons of Your Choice (the physical triggers)

  • You can select and combine different bttn device models in your fleet.
  • All bttn orders get free shipping.
  • Buy more, save more -- instant volume discounts are available.

Guaranteed, Hosted Cloud Service for Running Your Devices and Actions

  • The triggering platform for bttns, with a guaranteed service level (SLA).
  • Easy-to-use my.bt.tn remote device management interface.
  • Secure platform with device and user authentication.
  • Availability, scalability, backups, maintenance & service administration.
  • US-patented unique technology. 

Business Management Tools

  • Group management: Easily set your action for large number of bttns.
  • Statistics and analytics: Graphic reports and KPIs let you know how your bttn fleet is performing.
  • Heartbeat: Automatic keepalive message makes sure your bttn fleet is up and running.
  • Remote monitoring & alerts: Signal and battery status available for each device.
  • Read more about management tools and get our free bttn deployment guide.

Integrations and APIs Out-of-The-Box

  • Email, Twilio SMS*, Facebook, Twitter, Slack...
  • Internet automation services: Microsoft Flow, Zapier and IFTTT.
  • e-commerce: PayPal, Magento & Moltin.
  • Taxi orders: Connectors to leading dispatch solutions.
  • Webhooks & REST API for connecting bttns with your business system.

    * 14 free SMS messages per bttn. You can buy more SMS quota from us or directly from Twilio.

Connectivity (for 2G and Sigfox devices only)

  • SIM cards.
  • Sigfox subscriptions.

Device Maintenance for Business Continuity

  • Voluntary updates of the bttn device firmware, updated easily “over the air” (excluding Sigfox devices).
  • Extended warranty: Free bttn replacements in case of hardware failure.

Technical Support

  • Business level technical support for your organization.
  • Device & action configuration assistance.
  • Device and service troubleshooting.
  • Documentation, user manuals, data sheets & whitepapers.
  • Knowledge base.
  • Support forum.

System Integration Support

  • Assistance in integrating bt.tn service with your business systems.

Subscription Renewals

  • After first 6 or 12 months you can conveniently renew the subscription for your bttns at just a few euros per device per month. Volume discounts are available and we reward longer contracts.


Time is money. Spend it wisely.
With bttn-as-a-service your time to market is minutes, not years.